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Dating in latin Ann Arbor MI

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Dating In Latin Ann Arbor MI

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Before the invention of printing, all forms of writing were done by hand. For a literary text to circulate among readers, and to be transmitted from one period in time to another, it had to be copied by scribes.

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This text is protected by copyright and may be linked to without seeking permission. Ambassador: a public minister sent from one sovereign to another, so that their person is represented. See Minister.

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This is not, however, wholly accurate, as we find ambascia in Salic Law, chapter 19which was modeled off of ambactiawith the t pronounced as it is in action. Furthermore, ambactia comes from ambactuswhich in turn comes from ambact.

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Lindenbroeg derives it from the German ambachtmeaning workthat is to say, the offering of a service or a legation. In his Italian Dictionary, Albert Acharisius derives the word from the Latin ambularemeaning walking or traveling. Finally, the Jesuits of Antwerp, in the passage in which we just cited them, claim that ambascia can be found in Burgundian Laws, and that it is from there that the words ambassicatores and ambasciatoresmeaning the Envoys or Agents of a Prince or State to another Prince or State, come from.

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Therefore they think that, to the Barbarians who flooded Europe, ambascia meant the speech of a man who humiliates or abases himself before another, and that it has as its root the word abaissermeaning to abasethat is to say from an or am and basmeaning low.

In Latin we name this Minister legatus or orator. Yet the word ambassador certainly has a much larger ificance than the word legatus had with the Romans, and apart from the protection bestowed upon one and the other by the law of the people, these two have almost nothing in common.

See Legatus.

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Ambassadors are either ordinary or extraordinary. All Digital Collections .

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Brenner [Drew University] Subject terms: Modern history. For more information please contact mpub-help umich.

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Suggestions, contributions, corrections and enquiries should be sent to diderot-info umich. All Digital Collections.

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Original Title:. Volume and :.

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Translated by James W. Paris, Citation Chicago :.